We open doors for you

At Ind-Ex, we genuinely do ‘go the extra mile’ to match our exhibitors to the needs of the sites we serve; and we do this by working closely with the sites to identify specific areas where they need innovation – and then matching relevant suppliers to the identified technologies.  It’s not complicated but it does demand significant effort and commitment on our part. 

We have been delivering exclusive, class leading on site supplier events across multiple business sectors and in diverse technological and business areas for 20 years, confident that we place our exhibitors in the right place – at the right time – and in front of the right people.  Our volumes of testimonials bear this out (a selection is on our testimonial page click here to explore…).

And, uniquely, if we don’t feel you will get a return on investment from an exhibition, we’ll tell you!

Ind-Ex does not organise generic ‘technology’ events, that recruit a random selection of hopeful suppliers to a venue.  Our events are the product of close collaboration with key on-site decision makers who work with us to understand and prioritise areas of their business where innovation is most needed.  Exhibitors are then either nominated by our sponsors or selected from candidates we propose.  So the bottom line is that exhibitors at our events are selected because they have technologies that decision makers on site genuinely want to learn more about.

And it gets better!

Where requested by our hosts, Ind-Ex provides one-to-one interviews with procurement professionals from the site and their senior tier partners; so in addition to the informal discussions on offer, there is a valuable platform for more formal presentations and obtain guidance on procurement procedures and up-coming projects.

What does your exhibition checklist look like?


  Access to Secure Sites?

We take you to at-site locations that would be difficult (or impossible) to access without an invitation or protracted prior arrangement.

  Face to Face Engagement with Key Personnel On Site?

Informal face to face discussions (removed from ‘meeting mode’) are the starting point for creating rapport and building trust – essential ingredients of a successful long term supply relationships. We give you direct access to key on-site decision makers that you might never otherwise meet.

  Strengthen Existing Frameworks & Open New Opportunities

Create and maintain long-term supplier relationships and benefit from early visibility of customer requirements. Decision makers move on, retire, change roles, new faces are promoted into key positions…Our events keep your contact list live!

  Gain Vital Market Intelligence?

Our events offer the perfect platform to ‘keep your finger on the pulse’ of your market, identifying upcoming supply opportunities, discussing collaboration an partening opportunities, and informing future developments.

  Access a Powerful Cost/Time Effective Marketing Platform?

Estimated to equate to 10 -15 site visits, our events put you in direct contact with managers /  team leaders / end users on site who never meet suppliers

  To Resolve Application Issues?

Our events provide a unique platform to discuss application issues with end users before they become MAJOR problems!

  Benefit of Powerful On-Site Sponsorships?

Our network of on-site contacts drive in-house support and maximise attendance from key decision makers.

  Targeted Event Focused on Your Capabilities?

Not just random ‘technology’ exhibitions, our events are focussed on specific areas and are recognised as probably the most targeted, fociussed and specialised events currently available.

  Right Place Right Time?

Our on-site sponsors pre-qualify all applications to exhibit, to ensure that they are relevant to the specific focus of the event. 

So if your application is approved, you KNOW that you will be in front of the right audience – and if your application isn’t accepted, we’ll tell you, to avoid wasting your time and resources.

  Get Closer to Your Market?

Our events offer a relaxed and informal forum to build relationships and begin to establish trust and rapport.

  Access to one to one meetings with Site and Senior Tier Procurement Specialists?

We can arrange one-to-one meetings that will offer advice on upcoming projects, and guidance on how you can profile your marketing to identify upcoming projecs and penentrate lucrative markets.

  Guidance on where to direct your R&D?

There can be no doubt that informal face-to face discusiions, with on-site personnel – from managers to end users –  can effectively inform the direction of future R&D, leading to lucrative developments in products and services.