Site Operators

Bespoke innovation flawlessly delivered to your site

The power of informal face-to-face engagement between buyer and suppliers’ technical specialists cannot be overstated.

But gridlocked motorways – high travel costs – time lost from the workplace – all combine to reduce the number of personnel that can be released to attend national and regional trade shows.  Moreover, any innovations identified by this strategy are restricted to a small number of personnel within your organisation. Sourcing products / services through individual on-site presentations can soak up valuable man-hours and add to the stresses implicit in pressing deadlines.

An inspired solution?

Progressive site operators are increasingly commissioning specialist providers to bring trade shows to their doorstep, thus providing a platform for them to identify and evaluate cutting edge technologies.  And by adopting this time / cost effective strategy they are able share innovations site wide at all levels to increase the problem solving capability of their workforce.

An informed choice of event provider can showcase innovations whilst at the same time. protecting and supporting procurement strategies.

Time efficient and cost free


Convenient and informal, the events can take up little more than an individual’s lunch break; but they provide a unique and powerful one stop shop that will give all relevant personnel the opportunity to explore the supply chain’s wider capabilities, evaluate innovative products and services from selected candidate suppliers; and assess new thinking.  The result is more aligned supply relationships and a shared vision and between supplier and buyer.

By gathering leading innovators on some of the most sensitive sites in the UK, Ind-Ex has made cutting edge technologies available to all levels from their senior decision makers to end users and contract staff.

There are no cost implications to our host organisations for our service, and to minimise non-productive time, we provide a complimentary buffet service so that personnel can attend in their lunch break.

Setting the benchmark

Ind-Ex events are not a random gathering of hopeful suppliers.

Throughout our 20-year history, we have consistently set the benchmark in specialist supplier engagement events and are considered, by discerning site operators, as the ‘go to’ providers in our field.

The acknowledged integrity of our events sets us apart; and this is due to:

  • The significant effort we put into identifying and understanding the technical challenges your organisation faces.
  • The collaborative basis on which we work with your teams to prioritise the challenges and identify / select relevant suppliers – often from your existing supply chain (you control the final selection of exhibitors)
  • The meticulous planning to ensure resulting event is focussed precisely on providing access to solutions you need to project across site. 
  • Our scrupulous management of compliance with site safety and security protocols, which has resulted in an unblemished reputation with the security and facilities management teams with which we have worked.

Consulting closely with your on-site teams, Ind-Ex will profile your event to provide accurately targeted solutions to specific technical challenges identified by you. It is Ind-Ex’s hallmark commitment to working with hosts, to refine the choice of suppliers (often from the existing supply chain), that sets us apart.  

In summary, you decide the focus – you decide the suppliers

This is a benchmark to which other providers can only hope to aspire.  But don’t take our word for it, check out what our clients say, click here to explore more…

Safe and secure

By commissioning a trusted external events supplier, the demands that internally organised events place on key stakeholders by are almost eliminated.

We are professionals in our field and offer a genuine turnkey service.  In addition to our acknowledged high operational standards, we have a long and unblemished record of safely and securely operating on some of the UK’s most sensitive sites and the key element of our planning is the control of behaviours and maintenance of site security and safety protocols.  On the sites where we operate, our delegate management is legendary!

Our team are SC cleared and IOSH (or equivalent) trained. They are also trained first aiders and fore marshals, enabling them to support the activities of on-site teams if so required.


The level of detailed planning undertaken by Ind-Ex means we limit the number of events we undertake to ensure we remain totally focussed on delivering events to the high standards on which we have built our reputation.  

We are the UK specialists in delivering focussed supplier exhibitions, so you can be sure that if we are able to accept your commission, all our experience and resources will be concentrated on your event and will not be diluted by impending deadlines in other ancillary activities.

What keeps your key people awake at night?

   SME Engagement Challenges?

    Slipping Performance Targets?

   Legacy Safety Issues? – The ticking time bomb?

    Reliability Issues? – Plant downtime, etc?

   Site Standards Challenges / Compatibility Issues?

    Decommissioning Issues?

   Escalating Inventory Costs?

    Obsolescence Issues? – Ageing assets, looming replacement challenges?

   Unnecessary Training Costs? – Non-site standard equipment?

    Supply Chain Fragmentation? – Ad hoc purchasing / supply chain capabilities unrecognised across site?

   No Shared Vision Across Site? – Wider on-site community unaware of available solutions?

    Time Away From The Workplace

‘Meet the Buyer’ Meetings Available On Request

If required, we incorporate ‘Meet the Buyer’ interviews for exhibitors (with your own procurement professionals and your senior tier suppliers) to promote collaborations and partenrships within your supply chain.

Technical Presentations Available On Request

We can incorporate technical presentations on topics of your choice, to provide a deeper understanding of specialist technologies to your workforce.

All we ask is that you: 

  • outline your key issues/challenges so we can discuss and agree a brief 
  • identify key suppliers/technologies you wish to feature – and/or evaluate expressions of interest from candidate suppliers

(you maintain full control over the choice of participating suppliers) 

  • engage relevant stakeholders (eg: security/facilities management/corporate comms) we will need to work with to ensure team working 
  • Monitor our regular update reports to streamline communications, our on-site sponsors generally appoint a project manager with whom we can regularly liaise

– and then leave the rest to us!

Oh, and there is no charge for our service!

So let’s recap…

  • bespoke specialist events focussed on your specific site challenges – not just random exhibitions
  • 20 year track record endorsed by leading UK sites
  • events supported by leading senior tier organisations 
  • safe and secure
  • quality assured