The mission of the Decommissioning Directorate at Sellafield is to eliminate the risk and hazard associated with legacy nuclear materials stored in aging facilities across the Sellafield site.  Fulfilling this mission requires specialized equipment and techniques.  

Similar work is being done in a number of countries around the world and the equipment and techniques are continually evolving.  It is important that the personnel at Sellafield are knowledgeable of the most current technology.  

To help us do that, Ind-Ex organizes a specialized exposition at Sellafield each year to bring us into contact with companies that provide products and services that are of particular interest to us.  

I became closely involved with Peter Baxendale and his team during the preparation for Decom 2012 because both he and I were keen that the exposition should provide maximum usefulness for the Sellafield decommissioning community.  That desire was realized well beyond my expectations.  

Ind-Ex themselves arranged a wide variety of vendors/exhibitors who provide products and services of interest.  In addition, within Sellafield we canvassed the Decommissioning organization to determine what additional technologies and vendors we wanted to learn about.  Using that information Ind-Ex was proactive in contacting the vendors and arranging for them to participate.  

The result was a Decom 2012 that was twice as extensive as in prior years and that featured many companies who hadn’t participated before.  For the first time it also featured an outside exhibit, which consisted of a specialized piece of mobile equipment that the manufacturer drove to Sellafield from Germany specifically for the exhibition.

The exposition was very well attended by Decommissioning personnel, and the feedback was uniformly positive.  The exposition established many new relationships between vendors and Sellafield personnel that will be valuable for both.  I can enthusiastically recommend Peter Baxendale and his Ind-Ex team.

Bruce Klein, Former Deputy Director for Decommissioning, Sellafield from 1 June 2010 to 15 November 2012
Currently Manager of Decommissioning and Demolition at SPRU,
Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, Schenectady, NY