Servelec Group has a wealth of experience in the oil & gas, power and nuclear sectors but a series of name changes has meant it needed to re-establish the Servelec brand in the nuclear sector.
They needed a vehicle to connect them directly to the right decision makers in the sector and eventually selected Ind-Ex events.

The results have been outstanding!

Status : International

As one of the UK’s leading systems integrators, Servelec has successfully completed projects around the world.

– 40 years’ experience in controls, safety and process systems
– Unrivalled reputation for quality throughout the energy sector
– Industry leading skilled and accredited workforce
– Lean operating principles and methodology
– Accredited by recognised industry associations and the British Standards Institute
– Full turnkey capabilities including long term support contracts
– Strong industry relationships with global automation manufacturers and suppliers
– A fully owned subsidiary of the Servelec Group – a £60 million business that successfully floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2013

The Business Challenge

  • Servelec has a wealth of applicable experience from both the oil and gas, power and nuclear sectors and has a considerable amount of successful case studies within those industries. But, partly due to the number of name changes over the past decade the company has had to re-establish its brand.
  • For this reason, it is sometimes difficult to establish contact with the correct people in companies, who may not recognise Servelec in its current form.

The Brief

  • The company would like to make contact with a number of companies, some of whom we have already have historically worked with (‘we’ possibly relating to Scomagg/SIA or CSE). Our targets include Sellafield, URENCO/Capenhurst, AWE, BAE Systems and EDF.
  • Some of these sites we may already be working on, but would like to widen our connections with other decision makers at the sites.


Previous Attempts – Other Strategies

Servelec has previously exhibited at events hosted by another organiser in the same area, but found them to be too general and did not attract significant numbers of decision makers but largely only ‘pen grabbers’!

The Plan

We decided to work with Ind-Ex following recommendations from employees who had worked with them in their previous companies. Their experience was that Ind-Ex invested time and effort in making sure their events were aligned with the needs of the site and the exhibitions were more focused

The site (Risley) was an area of Sellafield we needed to engage with but more precisely we needed to be sure that any events we resourced would invite and encourage attendance from the right kind of people – decision makers who we want to be speaking to directly.

The Outcome

Change in the nuclear industry can take place very slowly and we recognised that success in establishing our brand in the sector would be a strategic policy involving raising awareness and establishing trust.

We realised that being at an exhibition at a site would not necessarily lead to immediate sales but strategically for us, but it was necessary to use targeted events that would raise the visibility of our company in the right forum and with the right people; forging connections and identifying opportunities. That said, at this event, we were made aware of a competitive opportunity valued at £500k+ which we subsequently won!

The involvement with Ind-Ex has enabled us to engage with key Sellafield personnel, who not only make important decisions on behalf of the company but influence the supply choices of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers who handle the major projects.

Comparisons/Value (time/cost)

“I have always found Ind-Ex events to be highly targeted, bringing the right client base to the exhibitions resulting in short, medium and long term relationships being established to the benefits of the clients’ business and mine. Cost-wise Ind-Ex offer better value for money than similar companies and certainly more than the big off-site shows.”

Business Development Director
Servelec Controls Ltd


Posted on

March 24, 2022

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