When Sellafield’s Design Capabilities Group needed to provide their designers with tangible examples of how ‘Fit for Purpose COTS ’ solutions can be applied, they turned to Ind-Ex to deliver an effective platform to project the ‘Fit for Purpose’ message…

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Sellafield Technical & Engineering Directorate


The Sellafield site mission presents inherent challenge and opportunity. Their Project Engineering Delivery Improvement Plan (PEDIP) is designed to promote and enable success in an evolving business context, through delivery of Fit-for-Purpose (FfP) technical and engineering solutions. Examples of FfP might be challenging the mindset of defaulting to bespoke design solutions when COTS (commercial off the shelf solutions) would be ‘fit for purpose’ and provide significant cost savings without compromising either safety or performance. To date, Sellafield has commissioned a series of internal workshops and publications aimed at conveying FfP objectives, progress updates and practical help.


To augment the workshops and forums by showcasing tangible examples that demonstrate the FfP philosophy, and thereby implant the FfP mindset across a large section Sellafield design community.

The Brief

To deliver a supplier event, featuring nominated organisations (existing and candidate suppliers) that would tangibly reinforce the message of the FfP workshops, forums and media with practical demonstrations of FfP solutions in action, and to support these demonstrations with technical presentations, aimed at further explaining the FfP concept.


  • An excellent response from the invited suppliers provided a comprehensive practical overview of FfP COTS solutions.
  • The presence of Senior Sellafield personnel throughout the event, to answer specific queries on FfP and explain how it might impact on individual areas of responsibility, ensured the message was fully explained and understood.
  • Excellent attendance numbers, setting new records, and visitor demographics aligned to the Sellafield sponsor’s expectations.
  • Sellafield sponsor feedback: “Ind-Ex faithfully tailored the brief to meet our needs by aligning exhibitors at the event to the specific goal of delivering Fit for Purpose Solutions…and beyond defining the brief there was little demand on our time or resources.”
  • Visitor feedback (see fig 2) strongly indicates adoption of FfP by relevant Sellafield designers.

So What?

A zero cost solution to obtaining the ‘buy in’ of Sellafield engineers that can deliver significant cost reductions in the crucial design phase of the business. “The event provided a neutral environment for our engineers to talk directly to equipment suppliers to explore the available solutions to meet their challenges, and was unquestionably successful in projecting our internal message of ‘delivering Fit for Purpose solutions by using COTS equipment’… it provided the opportunity for our designers to hear from equipment suppliers about the challenges of doing business with Sellafield, and therefore identified opportunities for us to improve as a customer”.

Figure 1 – Site Operator Feedback

Figure 2 – Visitor Feedback CE&I Exhibitions 2008 – 2015


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March 24, 2022

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