Gai-Tronics has unique cost and time saving obsolescence solutions to offer Sellafield.
Their support team does not have site access passes and is based over 4 hours away, and for security reasons, identifying and accessing key personnel has been impossible

Now Ind-Ex events have provided the perfect solution, forging the link, and generating savings worth tens of thousands of pounds for Sellafield.

Status : International

GAI-Tronics, owned by Hubbell Incorporated, is the world’s largest company focused on the communication needs of the world’s industrial markets. Manufactures / Supplies Electrical Switchgear, Controlgear, Wiring Devices, Cable Management Products, Harsh and Hazardous Area Products, and many other associated product ranges.

The Business Challenge

  1. Sellafield is an old site, with infrastructure and some items of plant in excess of sixty years of age. Obsolescence is therefore a major and continuous challenge to the safe operation of the site.
  2. Our team is based almost 200 miles from Sellafield and does not have site passes, which has proved to be a major barrier to introducing the unique cost saving solutions we are able to offer

The Brief

Gai-Tronics has a vast stockholding of compatible spares and replacements for obsolete components, and are able to ensure the in situ parts (in place) are fit for purpose. Our organisation has the capability to check the accuracy of the Sellafield spares list revise and update it to match our parts.

Previous Attempts – Other Strategies

Due to security restrictions our previous attempts to identify appropriate contacts at Sellafield were unsuccessful.

The Plan

We have exhibited with Ind-Ex for a number of years in other sectors and have had a long and successful association. We naturally decided that their events would be the ideal way to make contact with relevant personnel at Sellafield.

The Outcome

Ind-Ex events are where we started in supplying the nuclear sector. These events are the perfect platform to meet and discuss solutions, with several key people on the same day, and bring them up to date on what we have achieved, what is now possible as a result of this work, and what is still to be done.

Purely because of Ind-Ex events, we are able to discuss things face to face, and, where necessary, demonstrate products with the people who really need the information; the engineers who keep the plant running! I would add that the contacts that we make at Ind-Ex events are the key personnel we need to meet.

For example, during a recent exhibition the Sellafield Obsolescence Manager visited our stand. He was delighted to hear of the progress we were making in addressing Sellafield’s obsolescence problems, as it was he who originally asked us to bring the Sellafield stock list up to date – a massive undertaking that Sellafield did not have the resource to undertake.

The Head of Profession for Maintenance joined our discussions. He was highly impressed with the work we had done and proposals we were making; he stated that the exercise will save Sellafield tens of thousands of pounds by not having to constantly undertake ad hoc reviews of all the replacement parts when they try to order, as the approval process for any change is tremendously expensive and time consuming for the Sellafield personnel involved.

We were naturally proud that our work is considered beneficial by those two key Sellafield executives.

On a cost and time saving front from a supplier’s perspective; I cannot imagine how many visits, overnight stays (Sellafield is not local to our team), tanks of fuel etc., it would take to meet with so many contacts if your exhibitions did not exist – and how many obsolescence problems, on site, would remain unsolved.

From Sellafield’s perspective, the cost of not having been made aware of the benefit of our unique parts replacement service (and free inventory audit service) would run into many thousands of pounds annually.


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March 24, 2022

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